Xiaomi reaches an agreement and will not continue to be blocked by the United States | Industry

The United States will remove Xiaomi from its blacklist after reaching an important agreement between both parties that has taken months of negotiation.

It is well known that the trade war between the United States and China is being seen above all in the consequences suffered by the technology of the Asian country with cases as notorious as Huawei. Being blacklisted in the United States means for a company to be blocked on many levels and face a difficult crisis to avoid, but it seems that Xiaomi will overcome this situation.

A few months ago, the United States described Xiaomi as a “Chinese military communist company” and blocked it in its country. It was not an unexpected move, although the motives he alleged were more than debatable and arbitrary. Then Xiaomi sued the US government and an important negotiation began that has come to fruition for the moment.

As published in The Verge, a statement from the Department of Defense reports that “they have agreed a way forward that would resolve this dispute without the need for a contested briefing, “so it appears that progress is being made in removing the existing blockage.

Xiaomi clarified and defended from the first moment its independence as a company not subject to any type of government. In his words to The Verge, “not owned, controlled or affiliated with the Chinese military, and it is not a ‘Chinese Communist Military Company’. “

Unlike what is happening with Huawei, in this case Negotiations have advanced significantly and it is expected that before May 20 there will be a resolution to override the lock. This will be announced by the Department of Defense and Xiaomi after agreeing a “final order that annuls the designation of January 14, 2021 of Xiaomi Corporation as CCMC”.

Xiaomi is a brand known for having many products and at a great price. These are 14 of which you can buy in Spain for less than € 20.

In this way, the blockade would be lifted and they could receive investments again, as well as continue with their great expansion. The question remains as to whether there will be any claim by Xiaomi after the damage suffered to its image and economy, something difficult to see, but at least it will serve to avoid future similar movements that can cause so many problems to these companies.

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