How to give all the prominence to the screen and hide the front cameras? Xiaomi continues to play with countless ideas to achieve this goal. The latest madness that has occurred to him is shown in this patent.

It is not difficult to find a mobile phone in a technology store that has managed to clear the front screen with a pop-up camera system. This automatic mechanism hides and unfolds the camera from inside the phone. Many brands have included this option in some of their models.

Xiaomi seems to want to go a step further with its latest proposal, a double pop-up camera much more elaborate than the ones we have seen so far. The patent describes two periscope-shaped cameras that would serve both for the front and back.

The brand registered this patent in December 2019 before the Chinese authorities. Now LetsGoDigital echoes it and shows us how this new mechanism works that releases both the front and the rear of the cameras.

As explained by this medium and can be seen in the drawings, Xiaomi intends to hide up to four cameras inside the mobile with this mechanism. When deployed we would have two cameras pointing to the front of the mobile to take selfies and another two designed for traditional photos towards the back.

It is increasingly common to see a high number of cameras on phones, so it is not surprising that the Asian manufacturer seeks to maintain that number, but with a novel system. We only find in the back, near the upper edge, an LED flash to illuminate photos that are made with the rear cameras. This flash would also serve as a flashlight so it is not hidden inside the mobile.

The rest of the design of the terminal is very similar to what we are used to, there are the power buttons and to modulate the volume or the USB-C port to charge the device. It will be a challenge for the brand to keep four cameras inside the mobile and that it does not grow in size until it is uncomfortable for the user.

Physical mechanisms like this, that is, pop-up cameras that we know so far do not work at all bad. They have their drawbacks like everything else, they are a place where dirt and dust easily accumulate and do not allow updates or improvements, so they have a shorter useful life. In the Xiaomi catalog we find models like the Mi 9T Pro, of which we will tell you how its camera works in our in-depth analysis.

5G is here, but at the moment there are only a few devices on the market that are compatible with this technology. If you are looking for a mobile with 5G, we will tell you which are the models that you can buy today in stores. Take note.

It is not known whether this model presented by the patent will eventually reach the market or will remain a simple discarded idea. An idea that seems more feasible is the hidden camera under the screen that Xiaomi is developing and about which we already have more news.