Xiaomi launches an alternative smart kitchen system to the Thermomix for only 50 euros | Technology

Xiaomi wants to help you cook with this smart cooking machine that will make all your dishes much richer.

In a society in which people have less and less time to cook, it is clear that surrounding oneself with a kitchen robot or any intelligent cooking machine is one of the best decisions, not only because they are capable of making very delicious dishes, but because they are going to free us that time we need so much to rest.

How could it be otherwise, Xiaomi He is also working on different machines to make life easier for us as cooks, and right now a smart kitchen machine is in Youpin’s collective financing that you are going to love.

Machine Soloist CJ01 It has a large volume of 3 l, which allows us to cook for three or four people at the same time in one go. It is a smart device, because it has four cooking modes, including sauté, braise, fry and steam.

If you do not want to complicate your life too much, you can make effective any of your preset modes and recipes to make the most delicious common dishes, but thanks to the dedicated application that you can download to your mobile phone totally free, you can customize other aspects such as the cooking time or even the temperature to give your dishes their own personality.

The best of all, is that through its handle we can operate the machine in real time, so all we have to do is introduce all the ingredients into the machine, cover it with the lid, and configure it through the handle or through the application.

Kitchen robots are a huge help in our diet to cut, chop, mix and, in short, prepare food without having to be aware of the entire process. In this guide you will find everything you need to know to decide on your purchase.

If you are interested in taking this machine, it will begin to be shipped to the public from July 21 at an exchange rate of only $ 78 (50 euros), a fairly affordable amount considering the number of functions that this cooking machine has. .

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