The Xiaomi ecological chain has just launched a new card compatible with its popular smart locks that will allow us to increase the security of access to our home or any other installation, and all in a simple way.

Xiaomi wants us to have a totally safe home and for this they continue to bet strongly on the intelligent locks of their ecological chain and which are so successful in Chinese territory.

If you want your main home to be much safer or not risk your second residence being occupied, you can always install a xiaomi smart lock It is unlocked without a key and through a card that you will be able to configure with an indecipherable security key.

The xiaomi ecological chain It has just launched a new product to the market, which is an accessory for its popular security locks. It is a NFC card compatible with your entire line of Aqara smart doors and it has an exchange price of only $ 7. Basically we are talking about a lifelong plastic card with dimensions of only 42 × 26 × 3.5 mm and a weight of 4 g, and that contains a microprocessor inside, being easily transportable.

Your safety is sponsored thanks to its data algorithm and storage capacities which makes it impossible to copy, thus offering security protection even at a level as high as if it were a bank card.

Every Xiaomi smart NFC card consists of a EAL5 + security chip, guaranteeing the security of key information, and also capable of storing a strict encryption code to avoid any type of duplication. If the user were to lose the card, they could use the door lock options to eliminate access to the card and avoid annoyance.

That security card is compatible with a series of smart door locks, including those of the Aqara N and Aqara P series. Of course, the card only supports compatibility with a single lock at the same time, although luckily this type of smart locks Up to five NFC devices, such as cards, can be paired simultaneously.

[Vía: Gizmochina]