The Chinese firm has patented a peculiar mobile with dual cameras located in two pop-up mechanisms that resemble the ears of a rabbit.

Xiaomi, which recently presented the POCO X3, continues to work on the arrival of future smartphones with which to surprise users. For this, the Chinese company has patented a mobile with two very rare dual diagonal pop-up cameras, of which we tell you all its details.

The Asian giant continues to search for new ways to differentiate itself from other manufacturers, as can be seen with its latest patent, filtered by LetsGoDigital. In it, and as can be seen in the images, a future smartphone that would be equipped with four cameras located on two diagonal pop-up mechanisms.

Xiaomi patents a mobile with two diagonal pop-up cameras.

Some pop-up cameras that have a design similar to, for example, the ears of a rabbit. For the moment it’s just a patent, so it should be remembered that this device may never see the light or that it does, but with a totally different design.

A mobile with diagonal pop-up cameras reminiscent of a rabbit’s ears

This would be the Xiaomi mobile with two diagonal pop-up cameras.

In the image you can see the concept of this phone with two retractable systems located at an angle and located at the top of this mysterious mobile, of which hardly any details are known. There is no doubt that it is a new and peculiar way with which fight the notch and win screen in terminal.

It should be noted that each of these pop-up mechanisms incorporates two cameras, some located towards the front and others towards the other side. The LED flash would be on the back of the terminal, right on the edge and near these two mechanisms.

For now it’s just a patent and a peculiar design, so this smartphone has not yet been officially announced. It is also not known whether the company will incorporate this camera mechanism in other terminals, so we will have to be attentive to any movement by Xiaomi in this regard.

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