The Chinese firm has put on sale an interesting smart lamp, of which we tell you all its details.

Xiaomi is one of the main technology manufacturers in the world, which stands out for having products of all kinds that move away from the world of smartphones. If the firm recently launched a tiny 10,000 mAh power bank, it now has a new smart lamp in collaboration with Phillips.

The technology giant has put on sale on, and in collaboration with Phillips, a smart ceiling lamp that comes with various smart functionalities. The Xiaomi Mijia Philips Ceiling Light, this is what this product is called, it is an LED type ceiling light which has two different versions in size: one rectangular and one round.

Xiaomi has a new smart lamp together with Phillips.

The first of these two models has a size of 998x678x104 millimeters, a total pesto of 6.6 kilograms and a power of 80W. For its part, the other circular model has a size of 499 × 54 mm, a weight of 1.6 kilograms and a light output of up to 33W.

The new Xiaomi smart lamp has two different models

This is the new smart lamp from Xiaomi and Phillips.

The two models of the Xiaomi Mijia Philips Ceiling Light also arrive with smart functions and have WiFi connection, Bluetooth; in addition to an application from which users can manage the different characteristics of these smart lamps.

On the other hand, it should be noted that your LED bulbs can be regulate in temperature and can be programmed in combination with the rest of Xiaomi’s AIoT ecosystem, thus obtaining a smart home. Finally, these lamps also stand out for allowing you to configure a 0.2lux night light, offering the possibility of seeing in the dark without disturbing.

At the moment the new Xiaomi Mijia Philips Ceiling Light smart lamps are only available for purchase in China at a price of 399 yuan for the circular version and 1,299 yuan for the rectangular one; and the change is approximately about 49 and 161 euros, respectively.

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