Xiaomi is no stranger to experimenting with various technological products and proof of this is the new Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition, a television with a transparent panel that allows you to see what is behind the screen.

The Chinese manufacturer took advantage of its 10th anniversary event – where it revealed the Mi 10 Ultra – to announce a TV with 55 inch screen and top-of-the-range specifications. The panel has TOLED technology, which differs from conventional OLED by including an optically transparent cathode.

According to official specifications, the screen maintains 70-85 percent transparency when off. “TOLED pixels are almost as clear as the glass or plastic substrate on which they are built,” says the Universal Display Corporation on its website. The screen no backlight needed since each diode emits its own light.

Xiaomi TV OLED transparent

With the Mi TV LUX OLED, Xiaomi uses this technology and keeps components in the base of the TV. In terms of specifications, it has a 55-inch panel that operates at 120 Hz and maintains a contrast ratio of 150,000: 1.

The display has 93% of the DCI-P3 color profile and its 10-bit panel displays over 1 billion color combinations. With a response time of 1 ms it could be attractive to those looking for a television for the next generation consoles.

Inside operates thanks to a custom MediaTek 9650 chip It offers more than 20 optimization algorithms. The AI ​​Master Smart Engine intelligently enhance images, while AI Master for Audio detects the type of content being played and sets an audio mode from the list. The Mi TV LUX OLED integrates Dolby Atmos support and it works under MIUI in a custom interface for TV.

Xiaomi has not skimped on the components, even if this means that not everyone can enjoy their new television. The My TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition It has an MSRP of RMB 49,999, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to 6,130 euros. It will be available from August 16th in China and until now it is unknown if we will see it in the West.

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