Xiaomi 4K TV at a bargain price: for less than € 300 you can brand new Smart TV with Android | Technology

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If you are looking for a new TV for your home with 4K and HDR resolution at a ridiculous price, you have few options that are as interesting as this Xiaomi model.

For those looking to renew their television, the market has been filled with 4K screens that offer very good image quality, but without a doubt Xiaomi is one of the brands that is best competing with its cheap prices. This brand knows how to combine good features with low prices in most of its products and this was not going to be an exception.

43-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 4S is on sale at Media Markt. A screen with 4K resolution and all the entertainment you want to see thanks to Android TV for less than 300 euros. You can’t ask for more for so little.

The Media Markt online store offers this smart TV for only 299 euros. We are facing a 25% discount with which we can save 100 euros on the purchase. In addition, it has no shipping costs, or if you prefer you can go and pick it up yourself at the nearest store.

43-inch LED TV with Smart TV functions thanks to the fact that it includes Android TV 9.0. Quad-core processor, 8GB of memory, 60 Hz frequency. It has 3 HDMI connections, 3 USB ports, Bluetooth 4.2, 802.11ac WiFi and Ethernet port.

There is a great supply of 4K smart TVs but for such a low price it is difficult to find them. This Smart TV can be hung on the wall or use the legs that raise it a few centimeters, its design is simple and minimalist with very thin edges that give a greater feeling of spaciousness.

Its resolution is 4K UHD and it is HDR compatible so the quality of the content you see in it and are compatible with this technology will be very good. Thanks to these characteristics it has the official Netflix and Prime Video certification, both platforms thus confirm that their series and movies are perfectly seen on TV.

Disney + continues to release news, such as its STAR channel. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.

Thanks to the operating system developed by Google, Android TV, it allows us to access with the remote control the main streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video and Disney +, among other applications and games, until the use of the google virtual assistant.

In addition, it includes Dolby and DTS-HD sound on its two 8W stereo speakers. In any case, it is advisable to complement the multimedia equipment in the living room with a sound bar if what we are looking for is a higher quality. Slim TVs can’t promise a very professional sound, but with these qualities your speakers can do a good job if you don’t want to spend more money.

For less than 300 euros you can renew your television at home and have very good specifications at a really low price. Do not forget that the offer includes purchase conditions without shipping charges.

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