Xiaomi 200 W charging faces a major challenge: rapid battery degradation | Technology

The Xiaomi HyperCharge that reaches 200 W faces a problem in the face of being launched on the market: battery degradation.

In the competition that exists in the industry for offer the best batteries in matters such as autonomy and charging speed It could be seen that Xiaomi was hitting the table a couple of weeks ago. In a video shared via Twitter he showed how charging works at 200 W wired and 120 W wirelessly.

The demonstration was carried out with a Mi 11 Pro to which the battery was modified to 4,000 mAh and in just 8 minutes they managed to charge it completely thanks to the 200 W, but also with 120W wireless charging in just 15 minutes. You could almost say that we are facing a milestone, but the cost is higher than it may seem until the technology is optimized.

The video shown by Twitter shows a full load played at high speed, but according to what has been read on its Weibo account, Xiaomi admits that at 800 charge cycles at 200 W the battery degrades “more than 80% of its original capacity, according to Android Authority.

The 800 charge cycles would be reached in just over two years and would mean that a 5,000 mAh battery would go to 80% in that time, about 4,000 mAh. This is a significant loss that is already known in the industry, but it is not known to what extent the user is willing to sacrifice the autonomy of your mobile in exchange for that charging power.

As reported by Android Authority, Xiaomi has stated that in China it is regulated that after 400 cycles there should be no less than 60% battery, but it is a clarification that cannot satisfy users and that it is far from the standard that we assume , the company demands of itself.

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The problem it is aggravated with the massive arrival of 5G and the battery that consumes this connectivity. If companies want their mobiles to be sold as reliable and with a useful life of several years, surely this type of cut in batteries will not be in their plans.

We will see how technology advances in terms of batteries and if they manage to overcome the barriers that are presented, for now news like this suggests that It may not be as close as you imagine the launch of mobiles with such powerful loading speeds.

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