At the end of May 2020 the players of Nintendo Switch They will be able to visit each and every one of the environments that are part of the Titan Bionis in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, a new edition that will include several improvements, including a new epilogue or a facelift for the game’s graphics. And speaking of graphics, now the japanese website This title has been updated and has shown us some images of how these places will be once we start touring them on Nintendo Switch. Do not miss a single one of the following images!

New Images of Xenoblade Chronciles: Definitive Edition Environments

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is set on the great Titan Bionis and the great Titan Meconis, unlike Xenoblade 2, where we explored more Titans that were much smaller in size. Thus, the Japanese website of this new version of the first title has been updated with some images and in them we can see areas such as Colonia 9 (where this adventure begins), the Gaur plain, or even the sea that is in the head of this colossal being of which only an inert body remains. Did we even get to visit its interior? Well, to discover the answer to this question, we only have to keep waiting until the end of May to play this title (either for the first time or again, since it must be remembered that previous versions are available on Wii, in 3DS and Wii U (the latter only through the eShop)).

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And you, do you want to sink your teeth into Xenoblade Chronicles: Defintive Edition after playing the second title and Torna: The Golden Nation? There is not much left to live this adventure of titanic proportions again!