Xbox warns that FPS Boost does not work in all games because of how they were originally created

Jason Ronald has talked a bit more about this new Xbox Series X and S feature.

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This very week, Xbox presented one of his new features for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X that have attracted the most attention, the FPS Boost. This feature makes some old games improve performance as far as fps is concerned, creating a much smoother experience. In addition, the peculiarity is that it is something in which the developer does not have no need to intervene.

We’ve seen animations or physics run twice as fast Jason RonaldIn the podcast of Larry Hryb This week, Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald had a little more to say about FPS Boost. The worker has commented that this functionality it cannot be applied to all the video games they would like, because some of those titles are built to work properly at some specific fps, and altering them poses big problems.

“Unfortunately, this technique does not work on all titles. In some cases, the way the game was originally programmed [afecta]. As we did some testing on those titles, we have seen animations that run twice as fast or as physical works twice as fast“, explained Ronald, who has again made it clear that they are testing many games and will launch more.

FPS Boost wants to respect games

For the team behind the functionality is important respect the work: “What is of utmost importance to us is that we always we respect the original intention from the creator, so that’s why we can do it at the platform level and then we work with the developer and the publisher and make sure they continue to believe that this really aligns with what originally intended“.

If you have an Xbox, you will know that Microsoft always tries to explain very well what happens to the player and what Ronald has also made clear is that they are going to put new icons so that we know that the game works with FPS Boost. The development team has thought this is a good way to remind users that they are experiencing a “premium experience”.

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“I think it’s important because a lot of these games we remember how they are played and we have fun memories. But if you haven’t played the game in a while, you might forget that the game originally ran at 30 fps. So we want to make sure that [los jugadores] really know you are getting this improved experience through the power of the platform and through the power of what we can offer with Xbox Series X and S “, has indicated Ronald.

Without a doubt, this functionality is fantastic and it can give a second life to many video games that the passage of time has not cared so much, and above all, it is great for developers, because it will not need an extra effort on their part. Last week, Ronald also commented that Xbox Series X and S will receive some really exciting updates in the future, and this is perhaps the one. first to which he was referring.

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