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Microsoft has spent years cooking a strategy that has the potential to change the way in which video games are consumed with projects such as Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud. Now it seems that part of this plan is to reach as many people as possible, since they want you to be able to enjoy Xbox games from Facebook or Instagram.

In a blog post on Xbox, Phil Spencer, the head of this division at Microsoft, spoke about the alliance between Mixer and Facebook Gaming. There he made it clear that they are working to reduce the friction between « curiosity and play » as much as possible.

In other words, Microsoft wants players to be able to discover games and try them out no matter where they are. The intention is that with this developers can reach a larger audience and « be rewarded for their new idea. »

So Spencer and the Xbox team are looking for ways to take advantage of the possibilities offered by Project xCloud and Azure to present click-to-play scenarios on platforms like Facebook Gaming and Instagram.

“Gaming is already part of society, and Project xCloud can take you from talking about a new game – whether it’s a fun moment posted by a friend, an ad, or a stream – to playing it directly. In the future, through the power of Xbox LIVE and Project xCloud, we believe there will only be one click between ‘I am watching’ and ‘I am playing,’ Spencer explained. « We are always exploring our features and learning and excited to explore further as we seek to debut click-to-play scenarios within the Facebook Gaming and Instagram communities. »

What does all of the above mean?

Although Microsoft did not elaborate on it, its strategy is clear and would take us to scenarios that would make gaming more accessible and in the hands of millions of users.

What Microsoft means by clicking the game is that, using the power of xCloud, users will be able to start a game they see in an ad in seconds. This regardless of whether they are on your console, sitting in front of your computer or watching your cell phone while traveling in a truck.

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