Xbox wants Bethesda content to be “first or best” on its platforms

They also indicate that they have no intention of removing all Bethesda content from the PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

Xbox series x

One of the most important news of the year in the world of video games has been the purchase of Bethesda by Xbox. A movement that we are still waiting to see how he will use it to his advantage Microsoft to provide an important advantage with some of the most important franchises of said company, such as The Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

Until we know the Redmond signature play, Tim stuart, Xbox’s CFO, has given the odd point about the company’s plans regarding Bethesda titles at the Jeffries Interactive Entertainment conference. Although he does not say anything completely clear, Stuart indicates that the main intention is that the content is “first or best on our platforms”, pointing to certain temporary exclusives or improvements at a technical level.

From Xbox they indicate that they do not want to remove Bethesda games from Sony or NintendoOn the other hand, Stuart also comments on his competitors, ensuring that, “In the long term, we have no intention of getting all Bethesda content off Sony or Nintendo consoles”. A statement that implies that the brand’s games will continue to arrive on PS5 or Switch despite the rights being owned by Microsoft. Although, as said in the previous paragraph, the best versions would be for Xbox users.

In the absence of knowing for sure what Xbox will do with games and great sagas of Bethesda now that they are owned by you, we recently learned, also from Tim Stuart, that there will continue to be a shortage of Xbox Series X and S for the next several months.

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