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In early May, the source code of the first Microsoft console, Xbox, began to circulate on the Internet, in addition to the Windows NT 3.5 operating system code, thanks to a leak. Well, Microsoft is aware of the reports and mentioned that it is already investigating them.

According to the information, the leaked Xbox code contains the core of the console operating system, which is a modified version of Windows 2000 with support for DirectX 8. Despite the fact that it is the code of a console of almost 20 years old in the market, it is unusual for something like this to happen and it has already caught the attention of the creative company, which said it was aware of the reports and that it has already taken action on the matter. “We are aware of these reports and are investigating them,” a Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge.

Xbox operating system is difficult to emulate

It is important to say that, according to The Verge, the operating system leak contains the Xbox development kit, test emulators and internal documents, but it should be mentioned that the code and the core of the console had already been leaked, which it means that it is highly unlikely to be beneficial for homebrew programs and emulators of this kind.

The community has tried to emulate the Xbox core, but while the efforts have paid off, emulators only support less than 5% of the 900 games available for the Xbox.

NT 3.5 code was also leaked

On the other hand, the leak also includes a preliminary version of the NT 3.5 operating system. However, support for this operating system ended almost 20 years ago and there are almost no units that use it, so it does not represent a significant vulnerability. Unlike with the Xbox code, Microsoft did not issue a statement regarding the leak of NT 3.5, according to the information.

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