Xbox service is shown for the first time in video running on PC

So far, Xbox Cloud Play is only available on mobile devices.

It is the launch month of Xbox Series X and S, so from Microsoft they are at full capacity both with their new machines and with the various services they offer for their products. One of them is xCloud, the cloud gaming service which is currently available for Android mobile devices. Among the plans of the Redmond company was to take this option to other media, and although Phil Spencer recently said they were working on it, we can already see xCloud in action on PC for the first time.

At the moment it is unknown when xCloud will be available on PCWindows Central Gaming has exclusively published a video of the service being run on a PC. As we can see on these lines, the menu is identical to the one currently offered on mobile devices, with the versatility provided by the use of the mouse. We can also verify that, although it is a service that depends on network quality, it runs games such as Halo The Master Chief Collection.

For the moment, it remains to wait for Microsoft give more details, because beyond seeing how the service works on PC, something that until now could not be, the company had not communicated your plans regarding xCloud in compatible, and it will be interesting to know requirements and other technical aspects.

What is clear and evident is that Xbox intends xCloud to be a sales tool for its products by creating a ecosystem that facilitates the way of playing. They even stated that this function could perhaps reach televisions through a transmission device. At the moment there are more than 150 games compatible with xCloud.

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