The Xbox Series S Xbox Lockhart, as Microsoft’s cheap next-generation console is currently known, continues to make noise after its possible specs were revealed last week. Now the Eurogamer portal provides relevant information about your ad, thus reinforcing the rumors that the presentation will happen very soon. According to the aforementioned media, Microsoft will confirm the hardware during an event that will take place in August.

Microsoft wanted to present the Xbox Series S during E3 2020, but the coronavirus ruined its plan

However, the source notes that Redmond’s original plan was to present the Xbox Series S at E3 2020. Recall that the Los Angeles event, the largest and most important in the video game industry, was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. All companies had to devise a plan B to present their news for the next generation of consoles, including Microsoft.

In fact, the company intends to hold another event in July, which will be dedicated to revealing the first exclusive games on the platform. Eurogamer is not the only one that coincides with the August presentation, since Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb aims for the same month. This journalist was the first to report the presentation date of the PlayStation 5 (June 11), so his information is usually quite reliable.

Specifications and possible price

Microsoft intends to make clear that, despite the Xbox Series S offering lower technical performance than the Xbox Series X, will allow you to enjoy all the games of the next generation. According to ., the cheap console will have 7.5 GB of usable RAM, a GPU with performance of up to 4 Teraflops and a slower CPU. A developer has already found mentions of Xbox Lockhart in the Xbox One operating system, so its existence is more than assured.

Obviously, sacrificing some components and the visual section will be reflected in the price. Eastmen, a recognized leaker in the Xbox community, announced that the Xbox Series S will cost half of Series X. Its price could reach $ 200, thus becoming an extremely attractive proposal for consumers. It will be curious to know how many people have no interest in enjoying the visual innovations that the most powerful consoles will offer.