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We had already mentioned it before, time is short and the revelations around the new generation of Xbox are happening outside of the official Microsoft environment. In that sense, it seems that the time has come for the world to know the console that will serve as a transition to the new generation of the brand, the Xbox Series S, which was unofficially presented a few moments ago.

In case you missed it: know the technical specifications of the Xbox Series S

Through a surprise publication, Brad Sams, a member of Thurrott, exclusively presented the Xbox Series S, a console that, as had been rumored, will have less power than Xbox Series X, everything indicates that it will be digital only and will have a considerable price accessible in the market. Initially, Sams presented the design of the console, similar to that of the Xbox One S but with a modification on the upper part that will ensure adequate ventilation. The Xbox Series S will be white, contrasting with this airing space that comes in black.

How much will the Xbox Series S cost?

Although Brad Sams did not reveal in-depth details, he did the same in terms of price and pointed out that the Xbox Series S will be priced at $ 299 USD, a figure that makes him think that the Xbox Series X could have a cost between $ 499 USD and $ 599 USD. Also, Sams mentioned that Microsoft is likely to talk about the console this week, something very likely given this surprise reveal.

On the other hand, Sams mentioned that being the entry point for the new generation of Xbox, the Xbox Series S will have some limitations, such as the fact of playing games at 1080p, leaving 4K for Xbox Series X.

What do you think of the Xbox Series S?

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