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There is very little left for the premiere of the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. Recently Microsoft finally removed the veil from its 2 consoles and gave more details about its launch. As part of these announcements, the company announced that the pre-sales would take place in September and today defined in which places these systems can be set aside first.

Through Twitter, Samuel Bateman, head of marketing for the UK Xbox division, confirmed that pre-sales will open on September 22, as Microsoft had announced along with the reveal of the consoles. Bateman, however, provided more information around the details of availability.

According to the information, the pre-sale will be available in several major chain stores starting at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, September 22 (BTS British Summer Time). Some major stores that will participate are Amazon, GAME, Argos, Microsoft Store, and more.

In case you missed it: the Xbox Series S and Series X already have an official price in Mexico.

Microsoft consoles could be sold out in pre-order

Unfortunately, Microsoft has only confirmed presale in stores in this region, but it is expected that consumers in other parts of the world will also be able to pre-order the consoles that same day. In Mexico the details have not yet been released, but it is very likely that stores with a global presence will also participate, such as Amazon or national distributors and smaller stores. We will keep you informed.

Something that is important to take into account is that both Microsoft next generation consoles will be highly sought after, so if you want to secure a copy you will have to be aware of the activation time of the pre-sales, since a store warned its consumers that the stocks you will have will be limited.

Are you ready to pre-order a system? Do you prefer the Xbox Series X or the Series S? Tell us in the comments.

An analysis firm pointed out that the 2 systems could cause confusion among consumers, but fortunately something that will help differentiate them is the color and the case of each console, as it will have slight changes apart from the size and color.

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