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In the video game industry, as in others, the flow of creatives is constant, so it is not uncommon to see employees of one recognized company moving to another. However, it is less common for these changes to occur with personnel who have worked for many years in a company. The most recent case of this type is that of an employee with a long history at Microsoft who has just left the company.

Through his Twitter account, Dan McCulloch, a 15-year-old employee at Microsoft, announced that he will stop working at the company. This Microsoft member had a great history with the company and started as a member of a non-video game related project, however throughout his time at Microsoft he worked on development projects like Kinect, Hololens as well as triple AAA video games from over 90 rating points, according to your LinkedIn profile.

A very exciting project is coming for McCulloch

This leader is an important part of Microsoft, because, in addition to being an engineer and designer, he is an inventor, since he registered more than 100 patents. The last position in the company was that of general manager of Xbox LIVE, the Xbox Internet service, in which he was focused on growing.

McCulloch did not share what his next step in his career will be, but he anticipated his followers that very soon he will reveal this and that it will be something that will not only excite him, but also them. So, it seems that the creative will continue in the video game industry.

« After 15 years on Xbox, I announced today that I would be leaving. I made a lot of friends, I learned a lot and I had a great time! I am extremely excited for the next opportunity in my career and will announce it very soon, you will all be excited! Thanks !!! ”McCulloch said.

What do you think of McCulloch’s departure? What company do you think welcomes this creative? Tell us in the comments.

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