Xbox launches an update that improves the download of your games

Microsoft announced a major update for their consoles that improve game download times. Until now the download speed decreased when playing Xbox, a phenomenon that we see on other consoles and PC gaming platforms.

From now on you can increase speed if you choose to suspend your game. Although the alternative sounds unappealing, the option of the Quick Resume to return to the same place where you left in the previous session.

The new option to improve the installation of Xbox games you can find it in «My games and applications», within the download queue. Next to the buttons “Pause all” and “Cancel all” is added “Suspend my game”. To avoid confusion, Microsoft will alert you if you have a game running that is affecting speed.

Xbox Game Pass game download

Along with this announcement, Microsoft revealed new features and game recommendations on Game Pass. As for the first, you can join a multiplayer session if one of your friends is playing a Game Pass title. «Play with Friends» It will be an option integrated into the catalog of the gaming system on demand from Microsoft.

New Xbox Game Pass Game Recommendations «a la» Netflix

Regarding the recommendations, Xbox will show you Game suggestions and Game Pass title collections. This is similar to what we see on Netflix and the algorithm draws on the games we have played. The games recommendation is interesting and until now it was an exclusive feature of the Store.

Finally Microsoft announced an update to the Xbox app for mobile devices. Starting today, the iOS and Android version will include the monthly leaderboards that appear on the console. Added to that the «Achievements» are back, so it will be easier to keep track of our progress.

Xbox Game Pass game download

Achievements was a feature present in the previous version of the app and his disappearance was harshly criticized by the fans. The new changes to the Xbox app will be available at the end of the month for users in all regions.

With all the new features, the latest version of Xbox app still lags behind PlayStation. The fact of not having a mobile-optimized virtual store is a point against Microsoft, who previously offered this option. For now there are no details on whether he will one day return, something that would be more than welcome by fans.