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Despite the fact that most video games have advertising campaigns of different levels, over time it is possible that they will get lost in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtitles available on different platforms. However, catalog-type services such as Xbox Game Pass, have been a more appropriate showcase for some titles, such as Descenders, whose sales have reached an unimaginable level by distributors, all thanks to the Microsoft platforms.

According to Mike Rose, founder of No More Robots, a UK distribution company, sales of Descenders, an extreme cycling game developed by RageSquid, have reached an unexpected level and this has been possible thanks to the spread of the game. on Xbox Game Pass, a platform on which it is offered as part of the catalog of more than 100 games available for download in exchange for a monthly payment.

According to the manager, Descenders sales multiplied by 5 when compared to the numbers registered prior to their arrival at Xbox Game Pass. As a result of this, No More Robots decided to enter into a new agreement with Xbox for Descenders to continue in the service, which shows how they work with publishers in this regard.

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