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Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly the strongest card from Microsoft for the current and the new generation of consoles. The service is a solid proposition for gamers, offering hundreds of games to download for a very affordable payment.

Many wonder how Xbox Game Pass works and how profitable it is for Microsoft, since the service has important productions from prominent studios and its cost is very low. In addition, month after month attractive games are added to the platform.

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox marketing manager, recently spoke about the service, as it will be one of the pillars for the launch of Xbox Series X. To the surprise of some, the executive admitted that Xbox Game Pass is not as profitable as believed.

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Greenberg believes that Xbox Game Pass will be profitable in the future

During a brief interview with What’s Good Games (via Wccftech), Greenberg was questioned about the potential and profitability of the Xbox Game Pass. The executive said that users have no reason to worry, since Microsoft has enough resources to keep the service active.

Later, Greenberg highlighted the great value that Xbox Game Pass has. From his perspective, Microsoft’s current strategy is « over-delivery of value. » Hence, the service offers so much for a minimal payment.

This helps the popularity of the service spread by word of mouth, which for Greenberg is « the most powerful marketing. » However, he made it clear that this strategy is to achieve long-term benefits.

“We just want to keep adding more and more value to the Xbox Game Pass so that they feel really good about it and feel like they want to go tell their friends. And ultimately, we think the long-term is the right thing for the business and that it will have long-term benefits for us, ”Greenberg said.

The executive revealed and accepted that Xbox Game Pass is currently not very profitable for Microsoft. “In the short term, yes, Xbox Game Pass is not a game with great benefits. But we think that in the long run it will work well for everyone, « added the Xbox member. Below I leave the interview, you can see Greenberg’s statements from the 1:17:00 mark.

Microsoft’s strategy is more than evident, as it prepares more games and benefits for Xbox Game Pass users monthly. In addition, during the Xbox Game Showcase we saw a large number of games that will come later to the service.

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