Xbox: FPS Boost does not represent more work for developers

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Xbox’s initiative to provide its entire ecosystem of consoles with backward compatibility has been a wise decision and one that has pleased the community. With Xbox Series X | S, there are practically 4 active generations and although not all the games from before are available, many of them are and the best thing is that Microsoft did not reduce this to only allow their deployment on different hardware, but has tried that this is done well and recently gave the note with the FPS Boost, which will double the frames per second and that, according to one of its directors, will not represent more work for developers.

Xbox’s FPS Boost feature won’t put developers to work anymore

Developing a video game is not easy and when it comes to optimizing for consoles, there are creatives who shy away from the idea because it represents an additional workload. However, in the case of Xbox, the brand has taken on the task of providing quality backward compatibility and the arrival of a new generation also meant the arrival of new options for the games of before. This week, Xbox revealed the FPS Boost feature, which will increase the frame rate for backward compatible titles where this is allowed. In this sense, Jason Ronald, director of Xbox program management, assured in an interview with Colt Eastwood (via Gamingbolt) that FPS Boost does not represent more work for developers and is only limited to dealing with publishers: “We are doing everything this with no additional development work from the creatives, so in some cases they have more flexibility and more control if they decide to go back and update the title, or have plans for the franchise, so it’s really a collaboration between us and the publisher. “

At the same time, Ronald pointed out that FPS Boost is a response to the requests and passion of the community and made it clear that Xbox is open to improving the rate of frames per second as soon as possible, but that also depends on what is being talked about. with developers and publishers: “We listen to the community, we listen to the passion of the community, we know what games the community would like to see. In some cases, due to the way the technique was developed, we will not be able to enable all of those titles. In other cases, the developer or publisher has plans for the franchise and will release their own updates. “

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