Xbox exclusive indie on consoles is coming later than expected

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The Xbox Series X | S has already debuted and although it did so without exclusives for the Xbox ecosystem, it is providing a good catalog for users of the brand. However, there is a latent promise of receiving a better selection in the months after, and in it there are both great productions and indies. One of the most promising titles of the latter group is 12 Minutes, which will feature celebrity participation and an interesting gameplay. If you have been waiting for it since it was announced, we have bad news for you, as it seems it will take longer to arrive.

The title developed by Luis Antonio and distributed by Annapurna Interactive was announced at E3 2019 and captured the attention of enthusiasts of the indie genre for its peculiar proposal of its game system, which featured an ephemeral scene of a couple enjoying a warm night when Suddenly a policeman breaks into her home and blames the woman for committing a murder and ends in a tragic way. Interestingly, the man will be caught in a loop that will make him live the 12 minutes leading up to the fateful scene.

12 Minutes will not arrive in 2020

Although when this title was announced in 2019 it did not have a release date or window, it was expected to arrive “soon,” according to the reveal trailer and “very soon” in the most recent, which was released in August.

Unfortunately, apparently Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S players, as well as PC players, will have to wait longer than expected to get their hands on it, as it now appears on the page of the game on Steam that will debut until 2021 It is true that you cannot speak of a delay, but it was expected to debut soon from 2019, and apparently it will do so next year.

This new release window is not confirmed, as Annapurna Interactive has not shared a new release date and there has been no official talk of a delay. The last we heard about the game was that it would have the talent of the actors Willem Dafoe, Daisy Riley and James McAvoy, who would give life to the 3 protagonists of the game.

What do you think of these details of this indie title? Did you expect to play it soon? Tell us in the comments.

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