Xbox exclusive CrossfireX delayed and not coming in 2020

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In June of last year, Xbox announced at its E3 2019 conference that the PC Crossfire FPS series would be coming to consoles, thanks to the launch of CrossfireX. While we had heard about the project in recent months, there was no information beyond that it would debut at some point in 2020. Unfortunately, the months passed and a release date did not solidify. The bad news is that it was announced today that the game was delayed.

Through an official statement from the game’s Twitter account, the game’s managers gave an update on the development process and unfortunately confirmed that the title will not arrive in 2020.

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CrossfireX was delayed due to the coronavirus

This game is run by Smilegate Entertainment and Remedy Entertainment. The creative studio of Alan Wake and Control is responsible for the game’s campaign mode, while the former is in charge of multiplayer. According to the statement, “after much deliberation,” the project team decided to delay the title until 2021 because the Smilegate Entertainment team was particularly affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), which represented challenges in development. .

With the extra time that the studio will earn, it hopes to achieve the proposal that the team aspires to create. The company did not offer a definite release date or window, but said it will share more details in the future. We remind you that a few months ago there was a trial period that Xbox One players had access to.

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So far it is known that Smilegate Entertainment and Remedy Entertainment are working on the development of CrossfireX for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. You can find more news related to this title if you visit their file or if you read this interview that LEVEL UP did with Remedy Entertainment.

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