Xbox: cloud gaming will deliver previously impossible experiences

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For years, many have thought that the future of the video game industry is in the cloud and with subscription services that guarantee the user access to their gaming experience from different devices, putting an end to hardware barriers, specifically those of the consoles. In that sense, Xbox has marked its bet with Project xCloud and Game Pass giving a glimpse into that future and although there is still a long way to go, the perspective of Microsoft’s games division is well focused on the benefits it would bring to the industry and to the consumers.

Xbox continues to look to the future with Azure cloud and xCloud

During an interview with GameRant (via Wccftech), James Gwertzman, former director and co-founder of PlayFab – technology that strengthens the Azure cloud – and current CEO of Microsoft’s cloud gaming division, spoke about the opportunities that the experience will bring game from the cloud based on the proposal of the North American company. Initially, Gwertzman highlighted the possibilities that the Azure cloud and xCloud offer to game development: “We have a number of industry priority scenarios, one of them is to accelerate the production of games with the cloud. This act of creating content, once you have it in the cloud, you see its delivery more seamlessly. We see this with xCloud, which started out simply as an Xbox storage in data centers for streaming. Now we are gaining more experience with it and it is I may be able to create gaming experiences that wouldn’t be possible without running in the cloud. Games where you can have many players in a single environment interacting in new ways. “

Later, the manager highlighted the progress made in the use of the cloud and the way it has been adapted to the particularities of the video game sector: “xCloud was about putting many Xboxes in the cloud, but the term more broad is pixel streaming, where the GPU is running in the cloud and streaming. Initially, pixel streaming was useful in non-gaming scenarios, such as architecture or retail, where you want a 3D experience without having hardware. That will happen to games and they will see developers leveraging it to deliver experiences that go beyond what was possible before. “

How do you envision the future of video games? Will it be in the cloud?

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