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As scheduled, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was one of the most recent guests on the Animal Crossing talk show, where he talked about topics like the Halo Infinite delay and his plans for the Xbox Series X launch.

Being on a show about a Switch game, Spencer also took the opportunity to give her opinion on Nintendo and what it has done over the past few months. Like many users and fans of the company, the Xbox manager believes that Nintendo has done a great job.

Spencer said that succeeding in the entertainment industry is not an easy task, so he thinks that Nintendo is something special that we all must protect.

Phil Spencer praised Nintendo’s work

During the show, Spencer assured that Nintendo « is masterful at what it does », especially regarding its work and bets in terms of exclusive games. The Xbox boss claimed that Nintendo has the « strongest first-party pedigree there is. »

The manager did not keep any praise, adding that Nintendo is a gem for the industry. For this reason, he believes that all video game lovers should protect the company.

« In the entertainment business, most things don’t turn out to be big hits, so there always have to be some surprises, but Nintendo is masterful at what it does, » Spencer said. « And I have said it before, I think they have strength and the most robust first-party pedigree that exists, they are a jewel for us in the video game industry and something that we must protect, » concluded the manager.

Currently, Nintendo Switch has already sold more than 61 million units worldwide. Its exclusive titles are a hit in all regions. A clear example of this is Animal Crossing: New Horizons with more than 22.4 million copies sold.

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