Xbox Backward Compatibility Team Introduces New Xbox Series X / S Feature: FPS Boost

In a rather unpretentious blog post posted yesterday on Xbox Wire, Microsoft announced a new feature for the XBox X / S series that is sure to bolster the platform’s credibility among gamers, influencers, and others who enjoy and / or do. use of the extensive backward compatible library of the console platform. This new feature is called FPS boost, and it is an optional system-level setting that, when activated, doubles or quadruples the frame rate of existing Xbox backward compatible games without altering the game code or requiring developer or developer involvement. original publisher.

Xbox Backward Compatibility Team Introduces New Xbox Series X / S Feature: FPS Boost

Unlike Sony’s Boost mode for your PS4 Pro and PS5, FPS Boost is not a blanket « set it and forget it » option that applies to all games with varying results. Each game compatible with FPS Boost will be added to the list on a game-by-game basis and the feature can be enabled or disabled via a « Compatibility Options » menu that will be available in the « Manage » section of the corresponding game.

The announcement also revealed the top five games on Xbox’s list of backward compatible titles that will support FPS Boost (which players can try right now). The game list includes the following: Far Cry 4, Watchdogs 2, UFC 4, Sniper Elite 4, and New Super Lucky’s Tale, and as the latter two are games currently available on Xbox Game Pass, even gamers who aren’t even gamers. Those who do not own either of these games can play Sniper Elite 4 and New Super Lucky ‘s Tale, as well as try the FPS Boost at will if they have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass (which can be purchased for as little as $ 1 a month ). The small selection of games highlights some very interesting benefits, as well as a caveat or two, that Eurogamer’s technical analysis arm Digital Foundry explains nicely in its own exclusive deep-dive video that ran on the same day as the announcement of Microsoft.

In fact, according to Digital Foundry’s analysis, if the first sample of games that support FPS Boost is worth anything, the feature’s biggest advantage thus far might be its biggest flaw, but it really depends on how you look at it. Since FPS Boost works as a system-level adjustment that does not involve any alteration of the original game code, in most cases the original resolution of the game in question will remain as is. This means that games such as Far Cry 4 and Watch Dogs 2, which were released prior to the launch of the Xbox One X console and therefore do not feature any Xbox One X enhancements, will continue to display the same resolution and visual quality as had on the original Xbox One and Xbox One S, which was often an unflattering 900p compared to the average 1080p resolution of their PS4 and / or PS4 Pro equivalents. In return, however, FPS Boost rewards the players. players with a minimum 60 frames per second performance, rock solid and butter smooth, in these two titles, and the benefits are even more profound with the newer titles that do feature the Xbox One X enhancements. The new Super Lucky’s Tale is by far the best in terms of FPS Boost, delivering 1080p / 120fps performance on Xbox Series S (quadrupling its 30fps on Xbox One S) and 4K / 120fps on Xbox Series X (doubling its 60fps performance on Xbox One X). The Sniper Elite 4 and UFC 4 offer impressive 60fps performance in both the S and X Series (1080p60 for both games on the S Series and 1080p60 / 1800p60 on the X Series respectively). What’s most encouraging about the pattern that’s emerging here is that, unlike recent Xbox Series enhancements that have shut out the less powerful S Series, the benefits of FPS Boost not only extend to the S Series, but offer an immeasurable improvement on the backward compatible experience. Another great advantage is that FPS Boost does not require in-game mods in the style of Fallout 4 or Skyrim to activate these functions, they only have to be activated or deactivated, so players will not have to waste time adjusting the settings in each applicable title and best of all, they won’t have to risk breaking or crashing their game or losing achievements just to have a better experience.

Xbox Backward Compatibility Team Introduces New Xbox Series X / S Feature: FPS BoostXbox Backward Compatibility Team Introduces New Xbox Series X / S Feature: FPS Boost

Of course, as mentioned above, players can choose to bypass FPS Boost and play their backward compatibility games as originally designed, by disabling the system-level feature in the « Manage » section of the game they are currently playing. Playing. Another handy addition is a new FPS Boost indicator that appears when the Xbox button on the controller is pressed and brings up the guide, as does the Auto HDR indicator, which will inform players if the game has FPS Boost or Auto HDR active. . Coincidentally, auto HDR can also be enabled or disabled via the « Manage » section.

Microsoft promises that it will soon announce and release more titles with FPS Boost, along with new icons and system settings in an upcoming update. In the meantime, players with access to the five already announced titles with FPS Boost can enjoy this feature right now and start dreaming about all the much-needed additions to come (Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Fallout 4 and Skyrim, Microsoft, if you think).