George Floyd’s death has sparked numerous protests in the United States.

The video of the death ofGeorge Floydat the hands of a Minepolis police officer, he has traveled the world causing numerous protests against racism in the United States. This morning we woke up with EA’s cancellation of the Madden NFL 21 announcement, as the company claims that this is not the time to talk about video games, but to denounce the current situation of people in the African-American / black community.

The video game industry joins the anti-racist protestsThe hashtagBlackLivesMatterIt is already a trending topic on the Internet, leading a movement that denounces all acts of police brutality with the event starring Floyd as the main trigger.Riot Games, creators of Valorant and League of Legends, have spoken out condemning the hatred, prejudice and racism that must be endured by the black community.

Naughty dog, developers of The Last of Us, affirms that “now is not the time to keep silent” and encourages his followers to follow his example and donate to the different organizations that fight against this problem. Neil Druckmann andPlayStationThey have donated to the cause, along with Evan Wells, president of the study.

Xbox, Activision, Naughty Dog and other compa

All studies invite us to support the cause“Today, and always, we support all those who oppose racism and inequality. There is no place for that in our society, or in any society. Black lives matter,” Activision said on Twitter. On the other hand,Aaron Greenberg, marketing executive ofXbox, asked the public not to remain silent and sign the petition demanding justice for George Floyd.

But this has not been all, because these companies have joinedMarvel, Star Wars, Bethesda, Twitch, Summerfall Studios, Annapurna Interactive, Sony and many more. All of them with the purpose of condemning racism and making this serious problem plaguing the black community reach every corner.

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