Xbox 360 turns 15, one of the most successful consoles in Microsoft’s history

Xbox is celebrating and not just because of the great start of Xbox Series X and S.

Xbox 360

If yesterday, November 21, Nintendo was the company that was celebrating 30 years of the launch of SNES, now it’s up to Microsoft. Today, November 22, Xbox 360 turns 15, since it was launched on the same date in America back in 2005. In Europe we had to wait a few days to enjoy it and the December 2nd of that same year.

Xbox 360 was the second console created by Microsoft and was on the market together with PS3 and Wii, the three seventh generation. Xbox developed the console in collaboration with IBM and ATI (AMD) and witnessed the birth, for example, of one of the great exclusive sagas from Xbox, Gears of War. Epic Games launched in 2006 the first installment of this mythical franchise.

Xbox 360 Image

As to Sales numbers, the data for June of the year 2014 reflects that until that moment they had distributed 84 million consolesFantastic numbers for Americans. Xbox has reason to think that it will also repeat some great sales in the current generation, since Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have had the best start in the history of Xbox consoles.

The console received great titles during his lifetime, like Forza Motorsport 3 or Alan Wake. Keep in mind that thanks to the backward compatibility that Microsoft machines enjoy, you can still enjoy the games that appeared in its day for Xbox 360, so it can be a good option to remember it in its day if you do not already have it installed. You can also play them on the new consoles and we remember that readers of 3D Games you are happy with Xbox Series X and S.

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