More details emerge after the death of Xavier Ortiz, a former Garibaldi member, his sister, Olga Ortiz Ramírez, reveals that he was undergoing psychiatric treatment, and confessed that the relationship that the singer and actor had with Carisa de León was bad

It seems that this story has no end. A little over a week after the death of the singer and actor Xavier Ortiz, a former member of Garibaldi, his sister, Olga Ortiz Ramírez, reveals that he was undergoing psychiatric treatment, in addition to that the relationship he had with Carisa de León, his ex-wife, was bad.

On the YouTube channel of the program Chisme No Like, which is hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, Xavier Ortiz’s sister did not save anything in her statements.

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In the first place, Olga Ortiz Ramírez commented that Garibaldi’s ex-member was going to go to Colima to live with her, and that being the youngest of the brothers, he saw her as a mother.

“We always had a mother-son relationship, he always talked to me and I asked him every day: ‘How did you wake up, how are you, how are you doing, are you taking your treatment?’ He had gone to a doctor to control his anxiety and depression ».

Xavier Ortiz’s sister assured that the last day she spoke with him by phone was Friday afternoon (September 4).

« But it seemed strange to me that he didn’t hang up on me because I still left my business, I was driving myself, I never have my cell phone in my hand when I’m driving, but I didn’t want to hang up until I got home. »

Noticing this strange behavior in Xavier, Olga Ortiz asked him if something was wrong, which he denied, in addition to assuring him that he had only called her to say hello.

« On Sunday night, every day, all the brothers said good morning, good night, always, and if one of them did not report, there we were, » confessed Xavier Ortiz’s sister, who still had a lot to say.