X of Swords. Part 22 of 22


Original edition: X of Swords: Destruction, vol. 1, no. 1 USA.
Departure date: March 2021
Script: Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard.
He drew: Pepe Larraz
Format: Staple. 48 pages. In color.
Price: € 5.00

In the previous compilation issue of X of Swords, Scott Summers appeared with Jean before the Silent Council. There, Scott made a speech about the possible threat of invasion because of Annihilation and his troops. None of the Silent Council had any intention of sending anyone to the rescue, so Scott Summers preferred to form a group to go rescue as many as possible, since he felt that this is what he should do. Although some of the Council wanted to go, Scott preferred that they stay so that the Council would have a soul, and, before leaving, Scott told them that if the Council is the government, the X-Men should be their heroes. Meanwhile, Annihilation and Apocalypse fought, but Apocalypse won the battle, but did not want to kill her. Seeing this situation, Annihilation decided not to surrender and broke the rules by summoning Amenth’s troops. While all of Krakoa’s contenders held out, Bei decided to join Krakoa out of love for Doug; and White Sword chose to leave, since he did not commit himself to this war. As reinforcements arrived from the Green Priestesses and Jubilee, Saturnina put together Betsy’s stained glass puzzle and discovered that it was in the shape of Betsy Braddock. Finally, it is implied that the Britannia Captain Corps was returning, but they were all versions of Betsy. In this final issue, the Krakoa contenders and the Britannia Captains Corps give their all to defeat Annihilation and his Amenth troops to save Krakoa and all living things.

Image of Excalibur, no.  11: X of Swords.  Part 22 of 22Image of Excalibur, no.  11: X of Swords.  Part 22 of 22The story would begin (may contain SPOILERS. Avoid reading this part if you haven’t read it) with the arrival of the Britannia Captains Corps and the reinforcement of the Amenth brought by the summoners. Without waiting long, Magik managed to bring the Pickaxe and the huge X-Men arrived to fight. However, Cable did not think they could win and it occurred to him to use the Vescora. With the aliens slaying the enemies and thus balancing the scales, Apocalypse defeated Annihilation and donned the Helm. With great resistance, Apocalypse did not allow himself to be dominated and asked to save his people and surrender, so, by wearing the helmet, Arakko surrendered. Thus, Saturnina made Drowning use her fire to burn his remaining enemies and took Apocalypse’s helmet to turn it into a scepter. Although Otromundo has won, Saturnina asked each side to ask for a mutant, so Genesis asked Apocalypse, and he asked the mutant island Arakko. After that, Apocalypse withdrew with his love and the Krakoans returned home. Finally, Saturnina explained to a priestess that she did not know everything that would happen, but she was able to foresee some events. After some great applause, Saturnina sat on her throne, regretting that she had not won the heart of Brian Braddock.

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Image of Excalibur, no.  11: X of Swords.  Part 22 of 22Image of Excalibur, no.  11: X of Swords.  Part 22 of 22In general, we are facing a excellent and totally sublime final number in which the macro-battle to save Krakoa and Otherworld leaves us totally amazed by how it is executed in such a spectacular and well-managed way, from despair, to continuous reinforcements, the creative idea, the act of pain of Apocalypse, and its conclusion so perfectly spun that it leaves a good taste for this event, as it will also leave us with enormous repercussions for the coming months. Now, speaking of certain aspects of the comic without getting into too many spoilers, I was delighted to see how both sides motivate each other the more reinforcements appear, making the battle even more massive, catastrophic and with the characters giving their all. On the other hand, the harsh movement of Apocalypse to end the war is one of the best moments to see how it does not give in at any time and is an example of absolute resilience. However, the resolution is well executed, being somewhat emotional, and leaving the points that will be made quite clear in the future.

Image of Excalibur, no.  11: X of Swords.  Part 22 of 22Image of Excalibur, no.  11: X of Swords.  Part 22 of 22As for the characters, Krakoa’s contenders They are fully motivated by the arrival of Captains Britannia and the X-Men, so they fight with a fierceness worthy of admiration. Arakko’s contenders they are not left behind and fight with everything they can following Annihilation, attracting more and more warriors. Apocalypse is the most prominent and benefited character in this issue, because not only does he fight a great battle and suffer a lot, but he also makes one of the most difficult choices. By last, Saturnine she resigns herself to this Betsy Braddock-based Britannia Captains Corps and then does her best to end the war and bring it to a peaceful end, although, as she implies to a priestess, there are things she already anticipated. Unfortunately, she felt bad that she couldn’t get what she wanted most, Brian Braddock’s heart.

On rhythm, Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard opt for fully active times in which there is hardly a moment of pause due to the great state of danger and emergency that exists in Otromundo, except at the end where both are already braking to deal with the resolution.

On an artistic level, Pepe Larraz leaves us a totally excellent drawing, which we can hardly fault for its amazing design of characters and backgrounds, with good details. In addition, Pepe Larraz leaves us amazing pages and vignettes that leave us enchanted by how well made and striking they are.

In short, I consider that we are facing an excellent final number, which every fan of mutants will love for its execution, resolution and consequences.

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