Wyoming collects everything Casado says about Spain abroad and gives it a sovereign review

Greater Wyoming in ‘The Intermediate’. (Photo: LASEXTA)

Greater Wyoming has dedicated the beginning of El Intermedio to analyzing Pablo Casado’s role abroad. The leader of the Popular Party has made several trips with members of the European PP in which he has criticized the Government of Spain, which he has branded as “radical” and of which he has said that he will not make good use of European funds.

The presenter began by analyzing the meaning of the word patriot according to the RAE and asked the top leader of the Popular Party to “review” his level of patriotism.

“It is exactly what it seems, Pablo Casado marked an electoral rally in the middle of Berlin. It’s like the Rolling, he tours Europe, which doesn’t make sense because, as far as I know, Europeans don’t vote for Pedro Sánchez ”, reflected the presenter of laSexta.

Wyoming has continued by saying that it understands that Casado “is impatient to get to Moncloa but it does not seem very patriotic to endanger the European funds that we are sorely lacking, as well as the reputation of our country.”

The presenter has advised Casado to “speak well of Spain” when he is in international forums “and when his advisers advise him to speak badly, wait until you leave the international institutions and do what everyone else: write a review on Tripadvisor”.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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