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Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% continue to broadcast thanks to Disney Plus, the streaming platform that came to save the company in the midst of the pandemic. The most recent series from Marvel Studios aired its third chapter on April 2 and continues with the adventure. The characters are being really appreciated by the public, some more than others, however, the same is not happening with John Walker, the new Captain America played by Wyatt Russell. From the first day of his appearance, the criticism was noted, however, the 34-year-old actor has a few words about teasing and memes.

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With the retirement of Steve Rogers, Captain America’s shield came under the power of Sam Wilson, who did not feel worthy of the superhero’s legacy and decided to donate it to the museum in his honor. But the United States government didn’t think too much about bringing a new Cap to the scene, and soon introduced John Walker as the new symbol of hope. But fans of Falcon and the Winter Soldier They were not pleased with the decision and have not skimped on negative comments and memes. Wyatt Russel shares his thoughts on the situation for Variety:

I don’t have social media, but some friends sent me some things that were too good not to see. The best is the ‘Up’ type [película animada de Pixar] with the helmet on. Is incredible. I mean, whoever did that deserves an award of some kind. It’s flattering. They just hate the guy. They just hate it! It was fun being Marvel’s punching bag for a while.

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Russell He also talked about his relationship with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan during the tapes, the actors who play Sam and Bucky Barnes:

Yes, they hate me in real life and I agree with that. [Risas] No. They are fun and easy going people. It makes it very easy to work and try to be good. I can’t say enough about them. I told Sebastian a year ago that I felt very lucky to have been brought into the world of Marvel with those guys, because they made me feel really comfortable and confident and all those things that you would expect to find.

While Wyatt russell takes the beating of Marvel fans (in the series it was already seen that Walker is not liked by either Sam or Bucky), who is having the time of his life is Daniel Brühl, whose character, Baron Zemo, is He has won the affection of fans thanks to his fun interactions with the main characters. Not only was he revealed to be wealthy and influential enough to direct Sam and Bucky, fans fell in love with him after watching him dance at Sharon Carter’s Mandripoor party. Some believe that he will end up being the great villain of the series and that he will later betray the stellar superheroes, but for the moment he has the affection of the public.

The next chapter of Falcon and the Winter Soldier It will hit the Disney Plus platform on April 9. What other adventures await the main characters? The supersoldiers continue their journey and the stars follow their clues. Where is the story heading? Marvel Studios still has many other projects to enchant the public, let’s remember that phase 4 of the MCU is just beginning and much bigger things are yet to come. The series seem to be approaches to a much more exciting and intricate plot.

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