WWE’s Klaudia Bermúdez-Key reveals how to deal with the contingency

Adapting to contingency has led brands to take on increasingly challenging tasks, where digital has been key.

An element of great value in these efforts has to do with the application of tactics.

Putting together a very good strategy is essential to be able to develop increasingly relevant tasks.

The contingency that we are facing has become a huge challenge, which is why it has become essential to create bets through which it is possible to understand what is the adjustment that a certain strategy requires.

Klaudia Bermúdez-Key, General Manager of WWE, warns Merca2.0 what the challenge has been for this company in the midst of the contingency and how they have managed to keep the energy with which this brand has been characterized among audiences.

Merca2.0 – What marketing strategy was key during this contingency, to help the brand face it?

Klaudia Bermúdez-Key – On August 21, we introduced the WWE ThunderDome, a next-generation set featuring video boards, pyrotechnics, lasers, state-of-the-art graphics, and drone cameras, taking our fans’ viewing experience to an unprecedented level. .

This structure allowed us to offer an immersive atmosphere and generate more enthusiasm among the millions of fans who watch our programming around the world, taking them into the Arena in a virtual way, so they could experience all the action of Raw, NXT, SmackDown and the Monthly PPV, from the comfort of your homes.

They can also be seen reflected on the ThunderDome screens during broadcasts, while cheering on their favorite Superstars.

Merca2.0 – What do you think of the conversion and when is it appropriate for a brand to do so?

KB – All brands reach a level of market maturity where they no longer grow, but are maintained, before reaching that point, it is time to evaluate and explore options on how to reinvent themselves, to carry out a brand reengineering or the company, to seek new audiences, new markets, new clients.

At the level that the sports market is moving, I think this is the moment for WWE. We are in a moment of growth parallel to the innovation of new ways of reaching our audiences, because we are in a very competitive world.

Merca2.0 – When is the time to migrate to new categories and what does a brand need to achieve it successfully?

KB – In the case of WWE, it is parallel to the moment of growth. While we are growing, we are exploring new opportunities and to achieve this successfully, I believe that it is necessary to be very strategic in the type of alliances that are sought for the brand to grow.

With a brand like WWE we look for things that allow us to expand our audience, but that are somehow relevant to us. For example, the world of gaming, which is already something in which we are involved because we develop our own games, now it is about seeing how we can enter the world of online video game platforms or even betting platforms, or alliances with sports massive like soccer, with whom we share a large part of our audience, there are many soccer fans who are also fans of wrestling.

It is about looking for strategic alliances that make sense, that have a common denominator, but that also help us expand to our potential clients.

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