After so many weeks with this love triangle, we were finally going to have the final outcome of the rivalry between Otis and Dolph Ziggler. Love for Mandy Rose made Otis fight to the end to get her and away from Ziggler. It all started when Mandy Rose approached Otis with “sweet eyes” at the beginning of a fight that he was going to have with his partner Tucker.

Finally, Otis summoned up the courage and guts to invite Mandy Rose to dinner. She told him that Valentine’s Day was going to be the perfect day for the two of them to have dinner together. However, something happened, since when Otis arrived at the appointment, MAndy rose was having dinner with Dolph Ziggler. Otis’s heart was shattered

However, after several weeks where Otis was humiliated by Ziggler, a mysterious hacker appeared to reveal the whole truth about Mandy and Dolph’s relationship. He showed some images where Sonya Deville is exposed for preparing the whole move. What he wanted was to get Mandy away from Otis.

Otis takes victory and a kiss from Mandy Rose

Dolph Ziggler entered next to Sonya Deville, and she was in charge of making some cheating moves to help the “dolphin”. NeverthelessMandy Rose appeared when Dolph Ziggler was about to win the match. He slaps Sonya Deville and hits Dolph Ziggler low. In this way, Otis clinches victory in the third match of the night at Wrestlemania 36.

After the fight, Otis takes Mandy Rose in her arms and she kisses him. After so many weeks of humiliation, Otis manages to take revenge on Ziggler and conquer Mandy Rose’s heart.

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