Edge defeated Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match at Wrestlemania 36. The Rated R Superstar claimed victory after a con-chair-to Randy Orton on top of a truck. This match has marked Edge’s return to wrestling after 9 years of inactivity.

Last Man Standing: Edge vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton’s music plays but nobody comes out, however Orton appears with RKO out of nowhere. Randy was dressed as a cameraman.

The fight begins, and Randy Orton reapplies the RKO !!!!

Edge leaves the ring, and Orton attacks him with a camera, the action moves to the Performace Center gym area. The punishment continues, Orton ties Edge and hits him with a clean fist, he also kicks him several times. The count starts but only reaches 6. Randy plans to attack with a weight disc but Edge goes ahead and attacks him. Edge takes control of combat.

The Canadian strikes repeatedly on the table. The punishment continues in the chair, several forearms for Orton, Edge swings on a bar, and applies a leg drop on Orton. The referee starts counting.

Continuing action, Orton regains control and throws Edge over the wall. Randy tries to run over with gym machinery but Edge is saved in time.

Exchange of blows. Orton goes to the area behind the set. Orton is smashed into the metal garage door. The count stops at 6. Edge hits Orton again on the metal door.

The Assassin of Legends takes control and hits Edge against the scenery, the count is reaching 9. Edge helps himself with the barrier to stand up. Orton does not stop with punishment.

Edge and Randy Orton tour of the Performance Center

The contest continues in the hall, and reaches a meeting room, Edge hits Orton, and does not get up, the count stops at 7. The Canadian places Orton on the conference table, grabs the ceiling and applies tremendous bionic elbow.

Orton bites his eyes, Edge is pushed toward a cameraman. The fighters arrive at the storage area of ​​the PC. The superstar category R pushes him against a ladder. The count only reaches 2. Kick to Edge’s abdomen, Orton hits the Canadian on a production trunk.

The battle continues, Orton lifts Edge and hits him against the metal stairs !!! The referee starts counting. The count reaches 9. Orton moves Edge to another area of ​​the coliseum, Randy stalks Edge with several footsteps. Orton manages to cool off, the Canadian hires Orton. The legend killer falls, the count reaches 7.

Kneeling to Orton’s ribs, Orton’s chest attack continues. Edge climbs the ladder to mount on a structure.

Randy Orton vs. Edge Ecstasy

Super bionic nudge on the body of Randy Orton !!!!!!!!!!!!
The referee starts the count, but only reaches 8.

Randy runs away but surprises with blows to the maximum opportunist. The attack on Edge continues, the Canadian falls to the ground, the count reaches 8.

Orton hits Edge on a truck, they are both on top of the truck. Orton prepares his modified DDT !!!

The count stops at 7, Edge climbs onto the top of a production truck, Orton follows him and seems to be preparing his kick !!!

But Edge surprises him with a brutal Spear !!!

The referee starts counting, the count reaches 8. Edge looks for another spear, but Orton surprises with the RKO.

The count stops at 9, Orton goes down to get some chairs to end the fight.

Orton stomps Edge !!!!!!!!

Orton falls unconscious to the ground, the referee starts the count but Edge asks him to stop the count.

He grabs the chair and finally applies his WITH CHAIR TO !!!!!!

The referee starts the count !!!
1…. two…. 3…. 4… .. 5… .. 6…. 7… .. 8… .. 9…. 10….

Edge takes victory on his return to the ring !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Edge

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