Bobby lashley I had participated in 3 editions of the great event. So far he had lost twice and only won in the remembered Battle of the Millionaires where he defeated Umaga.Instead Aleister Black He has only participated in a single opportunity and was defeated against The Usos in a Fatal 4 Way for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. It was going to be a great opportunity for both of them to take the victory in the great event.

Although we haven’t seen any builds for this rivalry, WWE included it on the main card. Bobby Lashley arrived with his girlfriend Lana. Aleister Black did it in his signature terrifying style.

Lashley falls defeated because of Lana

When Bobby Lashley had victory in his hands, Lana asked him to take the victory with a spear. Lashley ignored him, but upon connecting the spear, Aleister Black was waiting for him and reversed him. Finally he applied a Black Mass and took the win in the second match of this second night at Wrestlemania 36

What’s next for Bobby Lashley and Lana? It may be the end of this storyline between the two, since Lana has contributed to the defeat of Bobby Lashley. Usually all the storylines that ended this way have always been destroyed.

What’s next for Aleister Black? Until now he has only been fighting local talents, except for a few fights and the rivalry with Murphy. It’s interesting to see what Black’s future prepares

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