This week we have seen how Tessa Blanchard was fired from Impact Wrestling due to her breach of contract and now it seems that the fighter would have sparked WWE’s interest to incorporate her into her squad.

Tessa Blanchard in WWE orbit

This week we informed you that Tessa Blanchard had been fired from Impact Wrestling and stripped of her world champion title because she had not fulfilled her contractual obligations to the company.

Now according to journalist Dave Meltzer, WWE would be interested in hiring the wrestler and would have already sent a message to find out if the wrestler would be interested in joining Vince McMahon’s company. It is not known until today if AEW is interested in the signing of the fighter.

Tessa Blanchard was already about to be signed by Vince’s company in 2017 but as has always happened with Tessa her problematic nature in the backstage caused WWE to dismiss this option and the fighter was on the independent scene until signing for Impact Wrestling.

Tessa Blanchard, a fighter with a past in WWE

Tessa Blanchard has already had a past in WWE and although she has not been signed, she has appeared several times in the weekly NXT programs appearing as an improvement fighter and where we have been able to see her against fighters like Carmella, Alexa Bliss or Nia Jax.

Perhaps his most famous move through the company was when he was participating in the first edition of the Mae Young Classic in 2017. The fighter was eliminated in the first round against Kairi Sane but this fight was one of the best in the entire tournament, and that made her think about her possible signing by the company.

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