As we already know since the last WWE RAW, Rey Mysterio will face Seth Rollins in an EYE FOR EYE fight at Extreme Rules. For several weeks, Rey Mysterio wants revenge on Rollins after he destroyed his eye against the metal stairs of the ring. During all this time, Dominik, the son of Rey Mysterio, was also involved who is supposed to be a new disciple of the Messiah, Seth Rollins.

The EYE FOR EYE fight consists of tearing an eye out of your opponent and thus you take the victory. Something like this is very difficult to create in real life without jeopardizing the health of both fighters. This is why WWE will use virtually created effects to give enough credibility to this fight.

CGI effects will lend credibility to this fight

The computer-generated or computer-generated images or CGI from English Computer-generated imagery, are the result of the application of infographics and more specifically, of computer-generated 3D graphics in art, video games, movies, television programs and advertisements, animations, simulators and simulation in general and also in the print media. They refer to images generated entirely on a computer.

Depending on who will be defeated in this fight, these effects will cause that superstar to be missing an eye. Only to see how WWE will manage to create it, since it is a very difficult tool that is usually created as we have mentioned before in movies, animations, etc. .

Who will be the winner?

When we hear this stipulation, we can only think that the loser could be out of WWE for a long period. But the question we ask ourselves is, Who of the two could win this fight and leave the other out? It is a more difficult question than we think. That is due to two things.

Rey Mysterio does not currently have a contract with WWE. Maybe after this fight, Rey Mysterio ends his career in WWE, unless the company and the Mexican reach a new agreement before Extreme Rules. In this way, Rey Mysterio could be the winner of this fight, otherwise it is very likely that we say goodbye to another idol from our childhood.

On the other hand is Seth Rollins, who in a few months will be a father. Rollins is likely to ask for time out of WWE so that he can take care of his fiance Becky Lynch. However, leaving Monday Night Mesiah is less likely than Rey Mysterio’s. In any case, which one do you think will be the winner of this EYE FOR EYE fight?

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