Sean Ross of Fightful said a couple of days ago that Vince McMahon’s company, WWE, planned to do its first shows with the public in late July, now it seems that the company has canceled that idea due to the growth of those affected by the pandemic in the state of Florida.

WWE cancels its plans to do shows with public

Vince McMahon’s company He has changed his mind and would now have canceled any ideas on the table of public shows outside the Performance Center in late July.

This was something that the company really intended to do and Sean Ross had already commented that The company had leased the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, Florida to host the WWE SmackDown events on July 24 and the WWE RAW on July 27.

Today Dave Meltzer has announced that the dates for these shows had been canceled by the company due to the re-emergence of Covid-19 cases that have been in recent days in the state of Florida and that have even affected the company’s staff.

So the dates July 24 and 27 were canceled this afternoon, officially by WWE. The people who were going to work on those shows found out this afternoon. If it’s late, I mean, nobody knows what’s going on. It all went off again with the Covid-19 theme. It’s pretty sad

Although the events of this July 24 and 27 have been canceled, there is one thing that has between eyebrows Vince McMahon and he wants to be the first great entertainment company to do an event with an audience.

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