WWE’s NXT UK brand hasn’t been able to put on a show in a long time. At the moment they were forced to cancel their next TakeOver and a set of television recordings due to COVID-19. Now WWE will make an announcement.

It was previously reported that WWE is not looking to close the NXT UK brand in the short-term plans. The company has apparently discovered something when the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE is making a “major announcement” regarding the NXT UK brand. They are expected to present this news on Tuesday.

Great announcement about the future of WWE NXT UK

It is unclear what WWE will announce for the UK yellow mark. It was noted that “given the moment, it could be anything from establishing and emphasizing a new code of conduct.” They had to fire Ligero and Travis Banks due to allegations that arose as part of the Speaking Out movement.

The cast of NXT UK doesn’t get much pay. It wouldn’t be a huge expense to keep the UK cast active while they wait for COVID-19 to be brought under control. Things are also getting better in the UK regarding the pandemic. They may also have plans to announce their upcoming television recordings.

What do you think will be the big announcement about NXT UK? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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