WWE needs to get its old ratings back in a big way. The company seems to find a new low every week in some aspect of its audience.

LightShed wrote that the MVPD (multi-channel video programming reseller) is on “true decline.” There are doubts, which we reported earlier, that the networks will be open to pay such high prices during the next round of talks.

WWE will lose a lot of money for its low ratings

The estimate is that WWE will see a decrease in subscribers by the time they enter their next round of talks with FOX and the USA Network in 2022. Local affiliates supporting the deals may also be affected.

Meanwhile, we have doubts about traditional cable networks, including the willingness of current partners to pay higher prices in the next round of negotiations. The MVPD ecosystem is in real decline. We estimate 74-75mm subscribers by the end of 2020 to drop to 60 million by the end of 2022, when WWE will seriously start negotiations on its internal deals. The affiliate base supporting these deals is in trouble.

It was also written that “This is not going to change soon”. We don’t see a clear path to a better economy than the television ecosystem provides for WWE content or for any sport or sports content. ”

The idea that WWE will change this problem without solving its content problems and the drop in television ratings is not in the picture. Both FOX and NBCUniversal are engaged with other sports companies that “will absorb many available programming dollars.”

WWE needs to do something or next time they will find much lower offers for their television content. We just reported that they hit a new all-time low in the third hour of RAW this week. That is not a good sign.

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