As previously reported, WWE is expected to make a big announcement soon about the future of NXT UK. There have been several reports circulating about the status of the brand and the future of NXT UK champion WALTER if WWE decides to cancel its yellow mark in the UK.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest issue of Wrestling Observer Radio that WALTER has a guaranteed contract, and even if all NXT talents are fired, he believes the reigning champion will still get paid.

Added that WWE has always wanted to bring WALTER to the main cast, but the Austrian wrestler doesn’t want to move full-time to the United States.

WALTER does not want to live in the United States

The fact that the Imperium leader is not overly interested in moving to the United States was known before the pandemic began. It was reported that although WWE may bring WALTER in for a few appearances, it will not appear weekly. WALTER himself insisted on that while negotiating his WWE deal.

WWE accepted the terms as AEW wanted to recruit WALTER into their ranks.

This is what was discussed during the Wrestling Observer Radio:

Meltzer: WALTER has a guaranteed contract. If they fire everyone, I think, they could be wrong, but apparently they would still pay him, but if I’m sure of one thing, he won’t come to the United States full time. I mean, that’s her deal. I mean, they want him in this country, they want him to come to the main cast.

Alvarez: I didn’t want to come here before the pandemic.

Meltzer: You can’t come here now anyway. His thing is that you can schedule him for some weekends, but he won’t move here, and he won’t come here every week. So that was the deal he insisted on when they signed it, and they really loved him very much. They don’t want to leave any stone unturned by someone who can go to AEW or whatever, although I think they are less firm about it now.

WWE will make a big announcement about NXT UK, and it will be interesting to see how WWE handles the situation during the pandemic.

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