WWE was forced to record its televised shows with far fewer people than initially expected. This caused the company to change its plans for the recordings as they progressed through the week. Unfortunately, some superstars may not return even if they wait a week.

WWE Superstars don’t want the company to continue recording during the pandemic

During the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about the superstars who are on the recordings, but they think the recordings should be canceled. Others stay because they fear their work may be in jeopardy. They see themselves as replaceable superstars who are not in a star location.

On the other hand, the superstars who want to be fired may not attend without problems, but basically they are at an equal crossroads, because if the company denies their request, then their contract will be frozen for 4 months, which is not good at all. , and it would certainly affect them in these difficult times.

The fact that a superstar is not on television does not mean that he has caught COVID-19. Some people told WWE that they did not want to go to the recordings. That tactic might not work as well for everyone across the board, but it’s one reason why WWE has already accepted in some cases.

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