The story between MVP and Bobby Lashley and the Champion of the United States continued on WWE RAW this week. MVP reminded Crews that turning down the offer to be his manager would have dire consequences and it all piled up until their fight that started late in the show.

MVP came out alongside Bobby Lashley performed a promo before the fight started. The teams interrupted the fight and made an interesting little promo. Head-to-head finally started, and had some back-and-forth action at first until a distraction from Lashley helped MVP take the lead.

The fight ended with MVP hitting Crews with a corner kick followed by a variant. And so, MVP earned its first solo RAW victory since March 1, 2010, when it beat Zack Ryder.

MVP and Lashley unleashed a typical heel attack on Apollo Crews after the fight. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander ran for the salve, and a heads-up was held between Lashley and Ricochet.

The two Superstars had a solid contest that ended with Lashley forcing Ricochet to support Full Nelson.

What’s next in the story between MVP and Apollo Crews on RAW?

The next step could be a fight for the United States Championship between Crews and MVP at the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. MVP has consistently mentioned for the past few weeks that the United States Championship is coming home and now that he has a non-title win over Crews, the logical decision would be to schedule a title matchup.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Apollo Crews push in jeopardy after Paul Heyman’s ouster as CEO of RAW. Still, MVP possibly winning the United States title seems highly unlikely. Lashley could be the one to finally dethrone the champion, but many different possibilities could happen in the ongoing story.

For now, MVP should enjoy their first individual RAW victory in more than a decade.

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