PwInsider’s Mike Johnson reports these two options for WWE SummerSlam.

WWE would like the event to take place outdoors.

WWE SummerSlam on a beach or on a boat?

WWE It seems he wants the Mayos show of the summer to remain so and is thinking of various locations to carry out the show on one condition, the idea is to be outdoors.

Also being the event in the state of Florida since it is known that Boston will not host the event this year these possibilities of an outdoor event increase.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson on his audio podcast has given more clues as to what Vince McMahon’s company might be thinking ahead of its biggest event of the summer. The idea that most likes within the company is to celebrate it on a beach, since it would be the ideal, but there is also on the table the idea of ​​a show inside a ship, something that we have already seen on a couple of occasions with the Chris Jericho cruise.

Also the idea that the company has is that when doing the event in an open place, it would be possible that there would be an audience watching the show even if it was in a small group of it. We have seen how independent companies in the United States are holding events in parks and in places outdoors where the public has been able to attend, keeping all the health and distance indications.

At the moment WWE has not made a decision about where the event is going to be held, although they always have the security of having the Performance Center in Orlando, if they see it as unsafe to hold the show elsewhere.

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