For the first time, and just before the great event, we could learn something else, related to the images of a blue circle that always appeared in certain moments during the broadcast of the WWE SmackDown program. It seems that the company wants to start revealing who will be the superstar who is causing so much mystery.

Bayley last his bout

The triple threat was something that made it clear that any woman in the fight can claim victory. Sasha and bayley will have to fight together if they want to maintain the status they are having in the blue mark. Furthermore, the arrival of Tamina The combat has been a withering thing for them.

For two consecutive weeks, it has been the most destructive of the fight. Another factor to take into account is that Sasha will also be able to compete for the brand’s gold. Which can lead to betrayal of her best friend. It is not the first time they have met. The belt brings out the worst and the true face of the people.

Mandy knows the truth on WWE SmackDown

The brand soap opera has ended. Sonya was the one who caused Otis to be late on the date, something Mandy was unaware of. Mandy’s friend spoke to Ziggler for her own benefit. Everything has been known, after Ziggler was disqualified for throwing Tucker’s body against a ladder.

The cards are on the table. It is time for Otis to secure pending accounts with Dolph. That he does nothing but run away every week. Their rivalry ends in their individual combat, where they will have to face each other as men. What decision will Mandy make?

Dinner has to be ready

The last word of the program, has the charismatic man of the company. His duel against The Fiend is something that is great for him, after I have been out of the company almost all year. He is knowledgeable about it, but he will give everything in the duel of the House of the Fireflies.

The company has played with the lack of public to use Wyatt dolls among the public. For the first time, The Fiend and Wyatt appear simultaneously on the same show. Their mission was accomplished, to scare Cena, and so they did. They left him in the ring disgruntled with the scenes.