All of us who love the world of wrestling and from a very young age have been lucky enough to see one of the best rosters of all time. If someone asks you who could be the one that best represents the effort and work of always being for the industry, that is Undertaker.

See you soon Taker

It is difficult to think that he will never go back to a ring again, because with the movements of the company during these years, We cannot think that it is not used to commemorate an anniversary, or to be part of any segment. Recall how Shawn Michaels’ retirement was scrapped at times.

He faced the man who marked his retirement. To be 30 years at the top of the industry, and keep receiving new fighters, different times, It makes you think that you have always been ready and prepared to be there. Undoubtedly, his announced retirement has been a jug of cold water.

But let’s not forget his return to the ring. Because as it has happened a couple of times already, it always seems to go away and come back again. Something that starts to tire. The lack of creativity in the program has been evident, with the repetition of the combat of the great event with the Intercontinental championship.

King Corbin stands out as heel

It was necessary for someone to come out to be able to give another point of view to the figure of Taker. Corbin made a constructive reply to the legend in such a way that he knew how to put the whole wardrobe against him. It is not something that benefits him to make companies, but it is something that begins to give him that role for which he stands out.

Jeff Hardy came in to answer something that has deeply offended him. It was the stellar event of the night, with which the program closed. A foreseeable victory that gave an important triumph in order to represent the brand and pay tribute, to whom, as he says, is his teacher in the ring.

Nikki Cross the new challenger

In a four-corner match, one of the applicants would have a new opportunity with one of the most self-confident she is demonstrating with her great friend. She will have to be prepared to take revenge for snatching the women’s tag team championship from her.

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