WWE RAW preview on March 23. Tonight will be a night of answers on WWE’s Red Label show from the Performance Center.

WWE RAW preview for March 23

Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton will respond live

Brock Lesnar He has to answer, but not for the fight he will have at Wrestlemania, since it is very clear that he will face Drew McIntyre, in all likelihood on April 4. The fact is that Lesnar must respond to the attack suffered at the hands of McIntyre and that he was battered and with the role of favorite in doubt a few weeks ago on RAW.

Randy Orton if he must respond to a proposal, and this is the Last Man Standing match that Edge challenged last Monday and to which the Legend Killer has not yet responded.

We also have two possible answers to two questions that were left unanswered last week. The first is AJ Styles will try to get revenge on The Undertaker after the attack suffered by The Pehnomenal One last week and also his colleagues from O.C.

Another one that may respond is Shayna Baszler, He saw how the RAW champion declared little more than war last week and told him that it would be impossible for Baszler to defeat her at the next Wrestlemania.

Finally, it will be missing to know what happens with the United States title, which could well be determined tonight what will be the match for Wrestlemania, with several possible options from a simple match between Andrade and Rey Mysterio, to a fatal four way combat with Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza as the third and fourth fighter.

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